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Pacific Truffle Growers, LLC
Orchard Management Services

Truffle Orchard Management
Our Truffière Management Services include but are not limited to

New Orchard Installation:

  • Sustainable Agriculture, Organic and Biodynamic Practice
  • Calculated Soil and Land Preparation for Orchard Planting
  • Irrigation System Installation
  • Precision Agriculture System Installation & Monitoring
  • Deciding on and Planting of Truffle Inoculated Trees 
  • Ripping, tilling, mowing, liming - soil mitigation
  • Insect and Vertebrate Abatement 
  • Parasitic Microbial Control
  • Fencing 
  • Weed Management

Established Orchard Maintenance and Rehabilitation:

  • Certified Arborist Pruning and Tree Services
  • Professional Root and soil Assessment - Agronomy & Mycology
  • Spring Cleaning and Soil Decompacting
  • Precision Agriculture System Management - know when to water
  • Truffle Traps - soil and root re inoculation techniques
  • Insect & Vertebrate Abatement 
  • Weed Management - mowing, tilling, burning, hand weeding
  • Soil pH management
  • Removal, Transplanting, & Rehabilitation of Mature Truffle Trees
  • Mature Truffle Tree Nurturing
Contact us for obtaining a sampling kit with instructions: 
Philo Truffle Orchard
Praying Mantis in a Truffle Orchard
Pruning Truffle Orchards

Consultation services are available for the following:

  • Site Review and Orchard Layout Plans
  • Tree Installation Instructions
  • Soil Management
  • Precision Agriculture system Recommendations
  • Cost Assessment of Orchard Installation
  • Orchard Management Guidance & Seminars
  • Pruning Demonstrations
  • Comprehensive Arborist Reports
  • Truffle Harvest Expertise

We are focused on providing orchard management services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

We will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

We provide scientific analytical services and truffle orchard management for the successful cultivation of:

Tuber melanosporum - Perigord Black Truffle

Tuber aestivum - Summer or Burgundy Truffle

Tuber borchii - Bianchetto Truffle

There are others too - just inquire

Through our analytical services and rigorous scientific approach, we closely monitor the truffle orchards’ productivity. 

Certified Mycologists, Arborists, and General Contractors are on every project for professional care. 

We provide services to:

California, Idaho, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington

For Presentations on Truffle Cultivation to your local group

Contact us at

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