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Pacific Truffle Growers, LLC
A Professional Truffle Orchard Management Company

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Truffle Orchard Management Services, DNA analysis

Truffle Orchard Management

Pacific Truffle Growers, LLC

Truffle Orchard Management

  • DNA testing services
  • Soil Testing
  • Truffière Management
  • Truffière Installation
  • Mature Inoculated Trees
  • Juvenile Inoculated Trees
  • Consultation

Philo Truffle Orchard
Pruning and orchard
Praying Mantis in a Truffle Orchard
Pruning Truffle Orchards

Our Truffière Management Services include 

but are not limited to:

• Full Range of Analytical Services:

            DNA, Pest, Soil and Plant Analysis

• Sustainable Agriculture, Organic and Biodynamic Practices

• Certified Arborist Pruning and Tree Services

• Professional Mycological Root Assessment

• Soil and Land Preparation for Orchard Planting

• Irrigation System Installation

• Precision Agriculture System Installation & Management

• Freshly inoculated truffle trees

• Planting of Truffle Inoculated Trees 

• Insect & Vertebrate Abatement 

• Parasitic Microbial Control

• Soil Cultivation and Weed Management

• Removal, Transplanting, & Rehabilitation of Mature Truffle Trees

• Mature Truffle Tree Nurturing

• Nursery Tree Stock of Native California & European Truffle Cultivars

Consultation services are available 

for the following:

• Site Review and Orchard Layout Plans

• Tree Installation Instructions

• Native California and European Cultivar Selection of Trees

• Microscopic & Genetic Root Analysis of Fungi

• Pest, Leaf, and Soil Analysis

• Soil Management

• Precision Agriculture Recommendations

• Cost Assessment of Orchard Installation

• Orchard Management Guidance & Seminars

• Pruning Demonstrations

• Comprehensive Arborist Reports

• Truffle Harvest Expertise