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Pacific Truffle Growers, LLC

Why choose Pacific Truffle Growers?

We are focused on providing orchard management services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

With a variety of products and services to choose from, we are sure you will be happy working with us. 

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Stephanie S. Jarvis, MSc - Chief Scientist, Mycologist & certified Arborist 

In addition to being the chief scientist, Stephanie Jarvis is  

a licensed arborist consulting on truffle orchards in Washington, Oregon, North Carolina and California. She continues her research on roots and soils for beneficial fungi (mycorrhizae) and teaches accredited seminars on fungal identification and ecology for better diagnostics of tree health.

Stephanie completed her Master of Science Degree in Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Biology with a focus Mycology at San Francisco State University studying the ecology, taxonomy and genetics of truffle-like fungi in the Basidiomycete phylum. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree with the highest honors in Plant Physiology from Sonoma State University studying Mycology and Sudden Oak Death (Phytophthora ramorum - a fungal plant pathogen).   She completed an internship with Dr. John Holiday at the medicinal fungi company Aloha Medicinals and she has attended Mycology seminars at Fungi Perfecti with Paul Stamets. She has been teaching truffle cultivation seminars for over 8 years, and each year giving new and updated data from the global leaders in this industry. 

For inquiries and questions, please contact her at:

Our trip to Spain was incredible!  We worked in the laboratory with the team at Micologia Forestal Aplicada for a day and then took a few days to tour several truffle orchards around Barcelona and Teurel. We visited with several truffle product kitchens and distributors and then feasted on over seven species of truffle in one meal! What a week of excitement! 

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